Our Services


Brand Strategy

Every talent has a different approach to success and their strategy should reflect this. We design brand plans for each person on our roster custom tailored to their vision of the future, their individual strengths, as well as the short and long-term opportunities we believe should be available to them. By working to understand the specific needs of our clients, combined with our expertise, a wide network and multiple sources of data, we develop plans to set our athletes and entertainers a part to fully capitalize on their brand in an authentic way.



A&A Management continues to make intentional investment into data based resources so we can best understand the scope of our clients audiences, social platforms, their media value, as well as the brand activity in every market. This data allows us to source the best partnerships for our roster and deliver meaningful information to key partners on their behalf.



We have a full in-house content production team to support our talents content needs. This includes social media and full commercial grade content productions. We also work with a global network of creators to capture and edit any content needed based on creative needs wherever they travel. Additionally, we work with our talent to build social media content plans tailored around each individual that can best leverage their talent on the field, court or stage, as well as their personal interests off, to help them effectively grow their respective audiences.



The media landscape has shifted dramatically over the past few years.
Brands understand the power of the social platforms from today’s biggest athletes and entertainers. We structure partnerships with both local, national and global brands that align with specific goals of our clients for either economic gains, brand alignment, or shared social values to amplify impact for all parties. Today’s collaborations take a different approach with some incorporating equity and others
building campaigns creatively together. We know how to find and close the right alliances for our clients to help them continue on their long term goals and drive market value.


Public Relations

A clear narrative defined by you is a key part to your journey. We work with press partners to ensure your message is accurately reflected in press and bring in a range of opportunities with publications across TV, digital, social and print. We also have teams in place to navigate any challenging situation our clients may unexpectedly face in their career. Additionally, we work with partners to bring our clients to high-profile events that align with their image.


IP Development

The value of ownership is a common topic for today’s globally influential athletes and entertainers. Simultaneously, the market place is rapidly evolving, especially with the integration of a Web3 economy. We understand how to build brands and businesses around the profiles of our top tier talent. From legal advisement, trademarks, corporation structure, product development and production, our team is versed in building valuable Intellectual Property in collaboration with the entrepreneurial talent. Capitalizing on all aspects of your profile while you are top in your game is a strategic step in your long term career.


Entertainment & Fashion

There are levels to self-expression and we know both entertainment and fashion are prime spaces for our talent to shine. We work closely with the biggest Hollywood agencies and global fashion houses to give our athletes and entertainers next level access. Our network across network television, streaming platforms and production studios have allowed us to generate opportunities for certain talent to engage in multiple areas beyond the court or field.  From series development to creative brand collaborations, we’ve created new business paths for the multi-dimensional talent looking for expanded outlets and brand impact.


Charitable Foundations

We represent best-in-class athletes and entertainers - the ones who want to leave a meaningful legacy, impact social and environmental causes, and use their platform to give back to communities that matter to them. Our team specializes in establishing impactful 501(c)(3) foundations, as well as youth camps, charity events, and other pro-social initiatives. We also understand how to navigate tax implications to deliver the best value to any organization or cause our talent intends to support. The greatest athletes always leave a legacy and we proactively understand how best to execute and protect this on behalf of our roster.


Investments + Equity

A&A Management works with some of the top investment banks and private equity funds to source select opportunities for our talent to invest in innovative and high-profile businesses. When presented with revenue-generating deals we have fully vetted and believe in, we work with strategic advisors to grant our roster unique access to earn additional income streams. We can often structure equity and trade barter deals to enhance the value of the partnerships.